D B Cooper – Dead or Alive?

D B Cooper – Dead or Alive by Richard T. Toshaw - Book.

Book Details

Title D B Cooper – Dead or Alive?
Year Published 1984
Author Richard T. Toshaw

Another ‘early’ DB Cooper book, published in 1984, and one held in high regard by Cooper sleuths.

In his research for the book, the author, himself a retired FBI Agent, contacted and talked to Ralph Himmelsbach, the FBI Agent assigned to the Cooper hijacking (see also ‘Norjak – The Investigation of D.B. Cooper, by Ralph Himmelsbach) and also Tom Manning, the FBI Agent who had led the ground search.

In addition he talked personally with the three stewardesses and the three flight crew.

He was even able to obtain the hand written notes the crew taken by the crew while the hijacking was in progress.

This means the book has insights and information, from direct sources, unavailable in most other Cooper books.

Not a long book, at 184 pages, but essential Cooper sleuthing reading. The book is becoming harder and harder to acquire and the price is now reflecting the rarity.

NB: The final 56 pages of the book is a printed list of the 10,000 individual serial numbers of the $20 Bills paid to the hijacker.

Why? Because at the time of publication the author offered a $10,000 reward (worth around $75,000 in todays money) to anyone who brought forward one of the missing $20 bills. The serial numbers would provide verification.

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