D.B. Cooper – Examined, Identified, and Exposed

D.B. Cooper – Examined, Identified, and Exposed - Book

Book Details

Title D.B. Cooper – Examined, Identified, and Exposed
Year Published 2019
Author Nat Loufoque
The book purports Cooper was not a common criminal. That he he had CIA and military training, as well as experience performing covert operations. He survived the jump. He made off with the money. He threatened the key witnesses. And he lived to be an old man. Now, over a decade since his death, the truth can finally be told.

From the Author

“I was ten years old when I first learned of the Cooper Skyjacking, and like most people I expected the case to be solved pretty soon after that.

But it wasn’t, and still hasn’t been forty-five years later. So eventually the mystery became not who is D.B. Cooper, but why hasn’t a crime that received that much attention been solved yet?

Is the FBI–who spent millions of dollars and thousands of man hours chasing this crime–hopelessly incompentent, or might Cooper have been that good? Why couldn’t the FBI find a guy who sat in plain view of witnesses for over four hours and did not wear gloves or use an elaborate disguise? How is it that a million-dollar-reward was offered (by a movie studio in 1980) for information leading to his capture and Cooper’s friends and relatives didn’t come forward to collect?

Something just doesn’t add up, and a crazy as my theory is, it remains the only D.B. Cooper theory out there that answers every one of these nagging questions. I spent two years researching my suspect.

Read for yourself and decide.”

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