D.B. Cooper – The Real McCoy

D.B. Cooper - The Real McCoy, Book

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Title  D.B. Cooper – The Real McCoy



Author  Bernie Rhodes. (Research by Russell P. Calame)

There are dozens of books written about DB Cooper – some good, some not so good, and Cooper sleuths will probably have their own personal top half a dozen. Arguably this book will make the top 6 in most lists.

The author was Richard Floyd McCoy’s probation officer after McCoy was convicted of a (copycat) commercial aircraft hijacking that occurred four months after the D. B. Cooper hijacking.

Rhodes (and some FBI Agents) believed McCoy to be DB Cooper, and having lost the money during his escape in his first skyjack, he honed his plan and went for it again.

Unfortunately the book is very rare now and any available copies are priced in the hundreds of dollars.

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