SKYJACK – The Hunt for D. B. Cooper

SKYJACK – The Hunt for D. B. Cooper, by Geoffrey Gray - Book

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Title SKYJACK – The Hunt for D. B. Cooper
Year Published 2012
Author Geoffrey Gray

‘Skyjack’ probably makes the top 6 in most Cooper sleuths book list.

The case of D. B. Cooper is a modern legend that has obsessed and cursed his pursuers for generations with everything from bankruptcy to suicidal despair. Now, with Skyjack, Geoffrey Gray obtains a first-ever look at the FBI’s confidential Cooper file, uncovering new leads in the infamous case.

Starting with a crack tip from a private investigator, Gray plunges into the murky depths of the decades-old mystery to chase down new clues and explore secrets of the case’s most prominent suspects, including Ralph Himmelsbach, the most dogged of FBI agents, who watched with horror as a criminal became a counter-culture folk hero; Karl Fleming, a respected reporter whose career was destroyed by a D. B. Cooper scoop that was a scam; and Barbara Dayton, a transgender pilot who insisted she was Cooper herself.

With explosive new information, Skyjack reopens one of the great cold cases of the twentieth century.

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