The Elusive D. B. Cooper – How He Escapes

The Elusive D. B. Cooper – How He Escapes - Book

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Title The Elusive D. B. Cooper – How He Escapes
Year Published 2016
Author William S. Rollins III
It’s been more than four decades since a man known as D. B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 on a 36-minute flight from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. After receiving $200,000 in ransom and four parachutes, he released the passengers and the aircraft set course for Reno, Nevada. Somewhere over southwestern Washington, Cooper jumped from the jetliner, never to be seen or heard from again. It is America’s only unsolved hijacking, and it has caused nothing but frustration for the FBI. In July of 2016, after exhausting millions of dollars and countless man-hours, the case of D. B. Cooper has been officially closed.

But has the FBI done its job properly? Is D. B. Cooper truly a “sleazy rotten criminal”? Is he uneducated and suffer from A. D. D. as the FBI postulates? Do we really believe he acted on impulse, and dove into the murky skies without a plan? Can we be convinced that his motive was money, when he openly confessed to one of the stewardesses that he had a grudge? This story flies in the face of the FBI and challenges the status quo.

Recent analysis by the Citizen Sleuths, examining the metal particles in Cooper’s clip-on tie via an electron microscope, has revealed the D. B. Cooper was likely an engineer employed in a metals working facility! So much for the “uneducated theories” and Cooper’s inability to plan ahead. If you consider D. B. Cooper as an engineer who also likely has a pilot’s license, it is easy to understand that the FBI has totally underestimated their man!

By examining this case from a different perspective, one where D. B. Cooper is a highly intelligent man who meticulously plans this hijacking, a man who is driven by revenge and not money, we realize that he survived the perilous jump from a jet aircraft, escaped with the money, and left almost no evidence behind for the investigators. With this new revelation, all the “mysteries” of the D. B. Cooper case are resolved, with the exception of two; who is D. B. Cooper and where is he now?

This book reveals the ingenious plan of D. B. Cooper, and sets the stage for the next chapter, finding D. B. Cooper.

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